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of israel, rosh hashanah. father, we come before you lu humbly. we confess our sins, lord. we, as a nation, have violated the vo covenant we made with you. we have ignored your blessings. we have taken them for granted. we have squandered the resources you gave us, and we have engaged in activities and conduct which is obnoxious and objectionable in your sight. we have violated the covenant you made with this nation. we pray for your forgiveness, and we ask, lord, that you might cleanse our hearts, that you might forgive our sins and heal our land. we pray for america, land. and during this time of year, god, give us righteous leaders and give us wisdom, we pray, and lead us by the hand of god that your blessing might be restored to this great nation that you love, and to the people who are your people. bless god, this land that all of us love, in jesus' name we ask it. thank you, lord. amen. and amen. >> kristi: pat, i've been reading this book called "the secret place" by dr. collins, and the essence of it is as we pray for our nation, we need to pray for ourselves. we need to get our li
anhis patron, lord carnarvon, turned a forgotten pharaoh into a legend. the story of tutankhamun's treasures begins here in the secret valley of the kings in egypt, across the river from the ancient capital of thebes. the valley of the kings is hot and very dry. in the summer, the temperature can go up to 120 degrees. it would be a terrible place to live, but what a marvelous place to keep things for eternity. pharaohs' tombs, equipped with all the necessities for a voyage into eternity, were hidden here. this is hundreds of miles from the great pyramids. the problem with the pyramids was that they were too conspicuous to robbers. in this valley, the idea was that no one would know. this fascination with the afterlife, and the state of mind of the ancient egyptians in general, can be best understood by learning something about their environment-- which basically means... the river nile. all activity centered on its water and its fertile banks. ( sheep and goats bleating ) the desert, literally a footstep away, was a constant reminder to the egyptians that, without the nile, there
a day for the conventions while they are in session. >> only the lord can solve these problems. >> tampa's women have been interceding since 1999. >> it started with prayer with four or five women. i started getting up at 3:00 a.m. i would find myself on my face before the lord weeping and crying out for our nation. >> that sense of urgency swept the prayer circle and resulting in conventions prayer coverage, around the clock, non-partisan intercession for political leaders for both parties. >> we are bypassing candidates and going back to god. he can turn the hearts of either one. >> some 4,000 people committed to the effort. >> it is all that we get jesus and god in our country again. >> researchers like the family research council's group and liberty institute have put out a thick report documenting the attacks. >> other 600 cases. it is alarming. our first freedom is in jeopardy. >> there is a reason this report's release came on the cusp of this republican national convention. >> there needs to be people that stand up and defend the freedom. >> secularists seem to be saying... >>
, and he said, let it be according to your word that you may know that there is no one like the lord, your god, our god, and the frogs shall depart from you from your houses, from your servants, from your people, they shall remain in the river only, then moses and [inaudible] went out to farrow and cried out concerning the frogs which he had brought out against farrow, so the lord did according to the word of moses and the frogs died out of the houses, out of the courtyards and out of the fields, they gathered them together and heaps and the land stunk. when the farrow saw there was relief, he hardened his heart and it did not heed them as the lord said, so the lord said to moses, stretch out your rod and strike the dust of the land so that it may become life throughout all the land of egypt and they did so. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, i'm peter war field, director of branch library mural xhaounbacker community created effort, that features a whole musical wall that features holly deer and a singer like roberta flak that honors working women and that has a who
you. let's bow our heads in prayer. heavenly father we call ourselves values voters, but lord we are united lord in faith in our lord jesus christ. lord, we are here as believers in you as your people and so we humble ourselves before you hear that very outset and we pray lord that you will be exalted in this place. pray that you will be exalted in our hearts. we pray you will be exalted among the speakers. we pray lord that you will guide and lead and protect, guard, sharpen our minds and sharpen our souls. lord, equip us. we are here lord not to become ignorant people but to become -- in the things of god in the things that will make us able to love our neighbors. lord god, to help us to be the salt and light and lord we desperately need you and lord we desperately we need need to be equipped in this hour. father, as we gather this day and lord, these two days be with us in a mighty way. send your presence, lord florida filled his place with your presence, stir our hearts and lord, change us. send us home to make a difference in a few weeks we have before this election. and lor
this so that his people will fear him. ken was a god-fearing man. a man that loved the lord and his family with all his heart. i remember the first time i ever went to coffee with ken, we were standing in line and we hadn't had a chance to order our cup and he whips out his fancy cell phone he said i want to show you a picture of my beautiful wife and children. and i think his true -- he took that opportunity to point out his son alex, he said i want you to look at him, he said i'll give him this, he got his good looks from his mom, but that hair he got from me. he did used to have a great head of hair, he did. i had the privilege of being ken's beat partner that day and watching him stan tall like he did everyday while doing the job him stand tall like everyday while doing the job he loved. it seems everyday i had funny story to tell about him. the last story that i have that i would like to share with all of you was the last morning we worked together. we had just 10 out of -- just gotten out of briefing we were in the back lot ready to go out many standing heineken's patrol car i heard
shall remain in the river only then moses cried out to the lord. so the lord did according to the word of moses and the frogs died out of the houses out of the court yard and out of the fields gathered them together in heaps and the land stunk. when the pharohs saw there was re-lief strike the dust of the land so that it may become life throughout all the land of egypt and they did so. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon i'm peter war field executive director of library users association. a community created effort that features a musical wall and a singer like roberta, flack, it's about to be next month painted out and replace d. i wanted to show the supervisors that support is spreading. i've talked about many of the support ers who are supporting the mural. we have the san francisco peace and freedom party and let's have the over head please for the harvey milk democratic club they recommended preserving all 3 sides. san francisco finds a level of growing discomfort with political murals less than slick art work we stand firm on maintaining and adding to the
with gold with the queen's crown and cipher announcing that the lord chamberlain had been commanded by her majesty to invite me. everybody got back. watching the queen at that garden party along the lines line of people i was struck or measured pace. lord chamberlain who is the senior official at buckingham palace later told me that she moves slowly to absorb everything that is going on and to take as much and as she can. i also marvel at her mastery of brief but focused conversation and her sturdy stance, a technique that she once explained to the wife of one of the foreign secretaries, by lifting her evening gown above her ankle and saying, one plans one's feet apart like this, always keeps them parallel, makes sure your weight is evenly distributed and that is all there is to it. as i observed the queen over the course of the year i accumulated impressions that helps me understand how she carries out her role and how earnestly she does her job with great discipline and concentration in every situation. she is not just a figurehead. and she has an impressive range of duties. every day ex
patron, lord carnarvon, tued a forgotten pharaoh into a legend. the story of tutankhamun's treasures begins here in the secret valley of the kings in egypt, across the river from the ancient capital of thebes. the valley of the kings is hot and very dry. in the summer, the temperature can go up to 120 degrees. it would be a terrible place to live, but what a marvelous place to keep things for eternity. pharaohs' tombs, equipped with all the necessities for a voyage into eternity, were hidden here. this is hundreds of miles from the great pyramids. the problem with the pyramids was that they were too conspicuous to robbers. in this valley, the idea was that no one would know. this fascination with the afterlife, and the state of mind of the ancient egyptians in general, can be best understood by learning something about their environment-- which basically means... the river nile. all activity centered on its water and its fertile banks. ( sheep and goats bleating ) the desert, literally a footstep away, was a constant reminder to the egyptians that, without the nile, there would be no
understanding that we need to help of the lord to make this happen in the right way for all americans. >> but why is it removed from the platform? i'm curious n 2000, there were four mentions, 2008, seven mentions, 2004, 2008, one. and just sort of curious was an an oversight? or taken out purposely this time? >> i am not sure that we're worried about how many times the lord is mentioned on a piece of paper, we're concerned about making sure we have the help of the lord to make sure we get americans back to work. i think you heard the mayor and his key note delivery talking about how every morning, his grandmother would send him off to school with bless you. the lord. let the lord bless you. i think it was powerful to hear people talk about how we did this together. it's a we. not a me as we heard so much last week. it's about all of us working together. and may the lord bless you. i think it was something very powerful to hear about how we work together and we build this country. i think that is the message the president wants to send out. it's about starting with the middle class an
. in the maya city of copan, a jeweler fashioned rare shell and jade for his powerful lord. in mexico, living artisans echo the economy of a vanished civilization. and in teotihuacan, evidence of mass production has now been unearthed. tiny faces of clay reflect the men and women who made them a thousand years ago. on the other side of the world, in the ancient roman city of ostia, huge merchant ships were part of an economy much like our own. and today, the tanners of morocco still practice their ancient craft, living proof that economies have evolved out of the past. everyone who has ever lived has been part of an economic system. iel bote pesos! economic systems are simply the ways people produce, distribute and consume things -- everything and anything, from tortillas to stocks and bonds. for 10,000, 10,000 an eighth. today, as in the past, economic systems lie at the heart of how a society is organized. archaeologists search for these systems because they believe economies hold the key to understanding ancient societies. archaeologist william sanders. the economy of any give
is read "pacal" in mayan. finally, to end this first passage, we get "the holy lord of palenque," indicating that he was the king of palenque. keach: a king at the age of 12, pacal left a wealth of inscriptions that traces his lineage back six generations. his sons carried the lineage forward, to reveal a phenomenal record of a ruling maya dynasty. but the writing also revealed an abrupt and puzzling break in the dynastic succession. this is the palace, begun by pacal and continued by his sons, including kan xul. work began on an elaborate tablet that would commemorate kan xul's dedication of the building. the tablet contains detailed information about kan xul's life -- his birth date, his parents' names, his brother's reign as king, and finally the rise to pwer of kan xul himself. but kan xul never dedicated the building at palenque. the last fragments of the tablet name a different king. matthews: the dedication which we would have expected to have been undertaken by kan xul -- and the entire text is leading up to that event -- was in fact undertaken by someone else, so that t
a month. we know all our neighbors, when lord, merchants, and would like to -- landlord, merchants, and we would like to keep this safety on the broadway that would be a mecca for entertainment in the city. unfortunately, sometimes it is not to save and businesses are hurt. we would like to change that. president newlin: thank you. would anyone else like to comment? >> francesca is my partner of the building and owner of [unintelligible] studios. i am helping her do everything else. and he is our security guard. >> i love the fact that you referenced the [unintelligible] and you talk about music, food, art, and entertainment. are you promoting this in-house as yourself? are you hiring the bands? are you bringing rock-and-roll back to broadway? is that what you are going to be doing? >> most of the time everything in the house. that might be of course sometimes that we're going to have some promoter from outside of our group. and he has to be licensed or registered with the city. we would like to have anything opening, a dj or live bands. we do not have any dress code but we have no problem
. the assassination of the lord jesus christ, the faithful witness, the prince of the kings of the earth was redictd by angel gabriel before it happened. there are all sorts of prophesies before that time by the command of cyrus at the end of exile to build jerusalem such as the entry of christ known as palm sunday. where we had another prophesy where the profit zek ryeia predicted these words. rejoice greatly oh, daughter zion, shout, thy king come eth, he is lowly and meek. now, as the people led the parade and said hoe sana, blesseblessed is he to come ethe name of the lord the fair sees were not happy. they said rebuke that disciple. jesus said the stones would immediately cry out. what did he mean by that? >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> members of the board of supervisors, ray hartz, director of san francisco open governme government. this document, on the overhead, is a sunshine ordinance task force order of determination no. 11083 finding city librarian louise herrera in violation of withholding public records related to the finances of the friends of the san francis
consequences to the birth -- to israel and our social security. chapter 8, exodus. and the lord spoke to moses, go to pharaoh and say to him, thus says the lord, let my people go, that they may serve me. but if you refuse to let them go, behold i will smite all your territory with frogs. so the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly which shall go up and come into your house, into your bedrooms, on your bed, into the houses of your servants, on your people, into your oftens, into your impeding bowl. and the frogs shall come up on you and all your people and all your servants. thank you. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm peter warfield, executive director of library users association, and i want to talk about who supports the bernal heights branch library mural being refreshed. we recently had a rally, actually on sunday for the refreshment of the mural. there was good coverage from the neighborhood, some folks spontaneously spoke in favor of it. you might look at our -- for downstairs please show our visual. save our history, protect our art. recently, in additi
of london, lord rob is highly recognizable. in addition to his lineage, he's also an underwear model who graced covers of several international magazines. >> a lost people say come on, look at you. you have no problems finding a woman. >> you'll make me blush. >> when i go out i enjoy flirting with woman, i enjoy getting numbers but when it comes to finding that right one, that real special one that you can't stop thinking about. you want to do everything together. it's really tough. >> reporter: here's the catch, they're going under cover, not telling anyone about their royal blood lines. they left behind their servants and lavish life stiles for a chance to find something they say they can't find at home. women who love them for who they truly are, not for their riches or their titles. >> i have close to 50 servants in the garden palace. >> sir, where can one go to find nice women here? >> you have to go out and look. they ain't going to fall in your lap. >> reporter: in the movie "coming to america" eddie murphy played a prince trying to do the same thing. finding an unassuming women
? that is unforgivable. party platforms always mention the lord, for pete's sake. the republican platform is just a picture of jess with us a thought bubble, getter done. (applause) >> stephen: here's the thing. this is an insult, not only to god-fearing americans but to god himself. folks, he's very sensitive. (laughter) and read your bible, he's got a hair trigger. one look at a golden cap and your canteen is full of blood. and of course the democrats cannot hide what they've done from god. because he googles himself constantly. (laughter) and, and ladies and gentlemen, if dising god were not enough, the democrats also dissed god's hometown. >> four years ago the platform clearly recognized jerusalem as the perpetual capital of israel. but nowhere in this year's platform does that statement exist. >> why would they remove that jerusalem should be the capital of israel at a time of such high tensions in the middle east especially with iran. >> to cease calling jerusalem the capital of israel, this is a very troubling development. >> stephen: this is a very troubling development. (laughter) >> to
grease down the drain. [laughter] >> guest: that is true. i consume a lot of lord but that is another example i love large and praise large. i love fast-food. i think taco bell is a miracle. i a had a lot of socialist making demands what did they want? prosperity for the working man and woman to have health care in housing and what the rich have but i agree with everything the year at -- their ideals are my ideals it is the free-market that did it. i am crazy for wal-mart. people are down on wal-mart but i don't understand it i see them shopping getting great stuff this is a mecca. it is have been the dream of every great philosopher why do we appreciate that? i defend that. >> host: talk about the piano industry with the current debate about sourcing what is your take? >> i am glad you brought that up i was interested when i was in the market for a piano. they sound beautiful totally different from the instruments of today. there is a piano and every home. a major part of the american economy saying it was no longer to be manufactured in the u.s. so they move to curb riyal but there
. we confess that america has always needed your guidance, your strength, and your protection. lord, we acknowledge that we need your direction so as not to stray too far from the shores of your purposes. as he walked into the autumn of elections, we pray that we would continue to guide this great nation. republicans, independents, and democrats, never to tire in the work of justice and mercy. we should always helped the most vulnerable around us -- the child, the widow, the orphan, and a stranger. give us the courage to face the giants that threaten our life together and help us to force the future of our democracy from the better angels of our nature. lord, we know we still have work to do. may our work reflect your character. may to be made out of love, compassion, justice, and civility. may we never be satisfied until every son and daughter of god has an opportunity to flourish and strive. so, lord, we confess that we can only march on by your in measurable grace. from new mexico to north carolina, from our farms to our towering cities, to our soldiers to our parents, we pledge to m
has for us. it is good to be in the house of the lord with god's people, with god's word. we are going to take the bible now, we are going hear from heaven. but we need to have an open mind and an open heart. somebody just talk today me the other day and he said things have changed. people live differently today. they have different standards today and pastor, you are going to have to adjust. i said i can not adjust to this. this is god's record. it never changes. hen and earth la paz away but the word of god will not pass away. if i begin to pick and choose and what ones i am going to adjust and which ones i am not, who gives me that authority? i can not speak for him, he speaks for himself. and that is what we have, the wonderful word of god and that is what is going to happen to us. light is going to come into us today as we hold the word of god in our hearts. we are going to be blessed. let's take the bible, this is the word of god, not the word of man, god doesn't change his, his wordiestn't change. let his word change us. --his word doesn't change. let us word change us. father g
of no effect the council of the lord forever. the plan of his heart to all generations blessed is the nation whose god is the lord, the people he chooses and his own inheritance. the book of isaiah 49 and 23, the word of god declares kings and queens would serve and care for you and about the earth before lifting from your feet. then you would know that i am a lawyer. those that trust in me would never be put to shame. the word of god deuteronomy says that dhaka saturday to head to carry the ark of the covenant for two purposes. the first one is to worship before the lords and the second is to bless the people in his name. it was the presence of the lord that less is rell. today we left our hopes and everything and started racing after maine and chose a kaine instead of choosing the king of kings. we lost the presence in our nation of the most holy god and now we are in trouble he returns and calls for the ark of the covenant to come on on the us the law of the lord is a must. [applause] i am not a reporter. i'm not the one that speculates about news anchors or whoever thinks this is what is
. >>> and here is what we are looking into for saturday night. take the lord name in vein, right? if jesus jokes are free game, why in some countries is the prophet mohammed above reproach. and another topic of region, and not the notion of it, but the reality of why it so often turns deadly. a christian, a muslim and a jew walk into our studio for the conversation that is no joke. plus -- >> i thi it is a -- >> romney's rough week. secret tapes, disparaging words and sinking polls and pesky taxes, and even the mrs. weighed in. >> this is hard. do you want the try it? >> what republicans are really saying about mitt romney. >> this is a fact, my friend. >> jesse the body and power of the mouth. >> how about you run with me. >> you want me to be the veep? >> pondering a white house run. >> yes! >> but first, let's start with this, tonight, a discussion about the prophet mohammed, and a discussion that will my of you uncomfortable, but why should it? i'm in the united states which prides itself on freedom and the freedom of expression, but yet through the technology of televisi television, people
things. he was the lord of the manor at hyde park. it shows roosevelt in his convertible. if you visit there, you could see he could drive using the upper part of his body. he's pointing to the plans of the hyde park. he was quite a passable architect. once he became president, he was able to build a lot more. even though henry loose was generally opposed to roosevelt. we ran a double page on his to show how the work he had done. i couldn't get it all on my standards. in the west, you would see without the new deal projects, the republican voting sun belt cities wouldn't exist. they were built at that time. so, it's as i say. there was at least a dozen agencies that left remnants. i am going to give you a primer on all of these. the premise was to put people to work. there were agencies that covered all of these. the land had been ruinned by a variety of things. this is one of the posters and these are archival photographs. this shows the ccc boys. many of them had been riding the rails. they were starving. they were illiterate. here they are in one of the camps, which were run by the
with wings as eagles. as we face the coming great challenge, we too shall wait upon the lord and ask that he renew our strength. then shall we be up to the past. then we shall not be weary. then we shall prevail. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> now the 1964 acceptance speech from president lyndon johnson. it took place less than a year after the assassination of president kennedy. president johnson did not face a serious challenge for the nomination but civil-rights played a major role in the campaign with george wallace's running on a segregationist clot form. johnson's speech to delegates is about 40 minutes. >> he appreciates at this tremendous reception and has a message to give to you and the american people. [no audio] [applause] -- [applause] >> chairman mccormick, my fellow americans. i accept your nomination. [applause] i accept the duty of leading this party to victory this year. [applause] i thank you from the bottom of my heart for placing at my side --e man that last night so you s
is likely to develop an aggressive form of the disease. they also found that cocaine lord the respite >>> the number of on vaccinated students in private schools is more than doubled than those in public schools. at the associated press also found that the number of children opting out in last year. >>> adherat least in the plan my have been embarrassed for weeks >>> little bit watch as his dad suffered a seizure behind the wheel. >>> of the ability of others not confident at the home. the key to this video of the day is coming up next.,, >>> id ready for some football? we have our old raiders play host to san diego chargers. >>> drug for the super light across the golden gate bridge. nonetheless across the bay bridge in everything is moving right a lot from milpitas. >>> the ups bit of others are set and into the new home. six brothers in sisters each about nine weeks old. they just been introduced to hit a new pool. the engine smoke otters have already started swimming. the human traders said the happily daughters are slipping through the night. >>> deterrent but is credited for sit
want to be outside. we only want to be outside. the lord is outside. it's not wonder some would rather die moths in the closet while others are not free. and this is a new poem that i wrote for a close friend of mine who was fighting aids. >> aids knows the lovers a tear a way from risk. replacing cocktails or jag ed little pills how to keep pharmaceutical pills. knows the fearless meaning of a friend's kisser hug. and converts to spirituality. knows the dim to light to allude detection to be grateful for the gift the clothing and shelter. to remain silent. aids knows to time on earth. but no matter how much you drink, you are all dehydrated. i choice of taking pleasure in what is left in life. the thoughts of suicide in the back of your head. that everyone still thinks it's a deserving fate for gays and prostitutes and the children born of designer jewelry. knows how to be used to profit politicians. providing flatter for art and something to be left behind. he has left his angels behind. none of us knowing where exactly we are headed. and this is also a new poem. it's potentially the
, there was paul lord and jim meko was the other name. commissioner joseph: anybody from the greater leather community that has been talk to about anything? i have heard nothing about that community being approached for its ideas and its historical value. >> that is not necessarily the group that has been outreached to. i got a copy and i want to bring it for everyone here so we could have a look at it before we would hear anything about it. to my knowledge, it is an idea and christina olague and a couple of people are looking for ways to create this without legally in our city. a lot of the weather community has not been -- leather community has not been outreached. commissioner joseph: who would speak to that? >> the people who were to that. -- wrote to that. president newlin: this is a recommendation of new items. commissioner hyde: -- this has been brought up to me. president newlin: we will coordinate with staff. we had the sound guy earlier. we should have ran it by him. we could have had him for free. ok. if there is nothing else, we will conclude today, august 7 meeting of the entert
of the bowl replaced with a modern eight story building. fans in the front row can see the gang and the lord the field by 4 ft. you can look over the players' heads and see that action. the stadium lost about 4000 seats because of budget consideration. >>> when i this day is building for everyone to enjoy for the long haul >>> in berkeley alyssa harrington cbs 5 >>> sum it up said that sacred ground is occupied by thousands of golden bear fans the trees setters are back at amare stadium protest in the renovation project that included cutting down trees one protester said it is a social concern he says the land has meeting dating back to world war one >>> when the stadium was made there was evidence there was a discovery of a body of evidence this was a burial site that was the reason why trees were planted as a memorial for californians who lost their lives in world war one. >>> the protesters say it is painful for them to go by the area but happy trees are still standing. >>> college students will pay more this semester state campuses are operating with budget cuts operating up to adding u
in the air, yellow and white dust everywhere. >> i am crying, saying, "lord, i don't want to die. i don't want to die here, i have two little children. please, lord, save me. send somebody -- anybody to help me." >> the building swayed and then it came back to vertical and sheen then i snapped out of it, sobered up and turned on my flashlight. e >> in that small-tier ehaven't, the classroom, i got a second page, a second tower had been hit. right away, i knew it was terrorism. shortly after i got that page, andy card walked in and said, the second tower had been hit. america is under attack. i put my back to the press pool. i wrote on a legal pad and i said, don't say anything yet. and i held it up for the president to see. >> wendall is in sarasota, traveling with the president. wendell, what's the reaction from the president? >> reporter: john, the president is here, promoting a reading initiative on the second day of a two-day trip to florida. he just finished reading to children at an elementary school and was asked about the incident. he said he was aware of it and that he would
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